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 Tyvek® DuPont™

Tyvek® is a registered trademark of DuPont ™ on a non-woven fabric made from the finest continuous filaments of high density polyethylene.
Initially, the sheet is formed by continuous beams of very fine interconnected fibers, which are then combined under the influence of heat and pressure. The result is a brilliant white sheet, produced by the spunbond method.
Tyvek® is the best combination of the characteristics of paper, film and fabric in one material, so it is ideal for a wide variety of applications in which strength, watertightness, vapor permeability, low weight, mechanical and chemical resistance are appreciated. In addition, Tyvek® does not emit fibrous pile, is opaque and has a smooth surface.
The material combines the best properties of paper, film and fabric, making it an ideal material for a wide variety of applications in which high durability is required.

Depending on the fiber bonding technology, Tyvek® material exists in paper or textile structure.

Material specifications
  • Strength
    Tyvek® is resistant to rupture in wet and dry conditions. Due to its unique fibrous structure, it retains its strength even when nicks appear.

  • Water resistance
    Tyvek® retains its characteristics in wet and dry conditions.

  • Chemical Resistance
    Tyvek® is insensitive to most acids, caustics and salts. The prolonged exposure to oxidants, in particular concentrated nitric acid or sodium persulfate, can cause a certain drop in strength.

  • Abrasion Resistance
    Due to corona treatment, the surface of the material is oxidized, and it is better to fix printing inks, as well as adhesives or coatings. Thanks to the Tyvek® fiber structure, the printing ink penetrates better, which increases the resistance to abrasion.

  • High opacity
    The high opacity of Tyvek® is due to the multiple refraction of light between fine fibers and air in the sheet.

  • Dimensional stability
    Within a relative humidity of 0 to 100%, Tyvek® maintains dimensional stability. Under these conditions, the dimensions vary less than 0.01%.

  • Low nap formation
    Tyvek® is made from continuous fibers and under normal conditions does not release free-flowing downy particles. In this regard, it is applicable in clean rooms.

  • Light weight
    Weight Tyvek® is half the weight of other materials with similar strength. The minimum density of Tyvek® is 0.41 g / cm³.

  • Resistance to rot and mold
    Tyvek® does not decompose after being in the soil for a long time. Pure Tyvek® does not promote the formation of mold or the appearance of other microorganisms.

  • Temperature Range
    Tyvek® retains its strength and flexibility at -75 ° C. Tyvek® begins to wrinkle at 118 ° C and melts at 135 ° C. When Tyvek® is processed under tension, the temperature should not exceed 80 ° C.

  • Dynamic strength
    Tyvek® can be folded and bent almost to infinity without reducing its strength.

  • Inflammability
    At the first exposure to an open flame, the strip of pure untreated Tyvek® wrinkles. With further exposure to the flame, the strip lights up, burns slowly, and the molten polymer drips from it.

  • Aging / UV resistance
    Under normal home conditions (room temperature, no UV radiation), Tyvek® is guaranteed to last for 20 years. Long-term exposure to UV radiation can alter the characteristics of the material. Under normal conditions, it remains UV-stable for about three months. This period can be extended by means of special printing or coating procedures.

  • Antistatic treatment
    Corona discharge treatment is retained on Tyvek® for more than one year and maintains a specific surface resistance of 40 dynes / cm.

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