Development and Production of Protective Solutions for Biological Objects

Plants Burns Types

We often come across such plants damage as burns on our garden plots, in greenhouses, gardens and parks. Plants burns are different and they can be divided into several types: sun burns, chemical burns, cold burns.

Chemical Burns

Chemical plants burns are the result of improper pesticides selection and application, irrigation and other types of chemical fertilizers.  Spraying with a chemicals leads to the defeat of the crown, stems, shoots and even complete death of the plant. Such types of lesions often occur in the industrial cultivation of different plant cultures. During such procedures, it is advisable to use protective covers of our manufacture, round or column-shaped, resistant to various chemical agents.

Sun Burns

Cold Burns

Solar burns are plant injuries caused by direct sunlight or contrasting temperatures exposure (solar and thermal burns). Most often this happens when the plant is exposed to active sunlight in the winter-spring period. The plant does not have enough moisture to compensate the thermal effect for the entire winter and it burns out. In turn, you can avoid sunburns by preparing the plant for wintering properly. Covers use implies good hydration for the entire winter period and spring.

Cold burns are the plant reaction  to a  cooling. A rapid temperature change causes a trophic disturbance in the plant nutrient system and leads to a change in color, density, and further crown wilting. In trees that have been planted before the winter, such changes can cause complete death. Therefore, a constructive solution is the use of Tyvek™ protective covers from the very first year of plant life. Covers suites for  plants that do not tolerate frosts or sudden temperature changes. Putting a cover before cold period starts, you create a microclimate inside it that will prepare the plant for frosty stresses and reduce or completely save them from their impact.

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