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We are the official distributor of the company Deb-STOKO Europe GmbH (Germany).

STOKO® Professional Skin Care is one of the leading brands of skin protection for occupationally stressed skin. With more than 75 years of experience in the field of occupational skin protection, the STOKO® brand has achieved the highest degree of expertise.  In the Russian market, we present two brands - the premium line STOKO® and the series OUR FORMULA® for the mass market.

We offer solutions for  skin protection, hand hygiene, skin cleansing; skin care.

Protective cream

OUR FORMULA®1 Hydrophilic

 To protect and facilitate skin cleansing from oil and other water-insoluble working materials (hydrophilic action). Protects the skin of hands in the workplace. 

Protective cream

OUR FORMULA®1 Hydrophobic

Protects the skin with constant contact with water and water-containing working substances (hydrophobic action). Strengthens the natural skin barrier and effectively protects the skin in constant contact with water or water-containing working substances.

Cream «OUR FORMULA®1 Universal»

Protective cream combined, simultaneously hydrophilic and hydrophobic action. It is used to protect the skin of hands with the alternating action of water-soluble and water-insoluble materials and substances. Also to protect the skin from UV varnishes (CD production), lacquers on urethane acrylate base, dyes for paper in printing. Can be used as protection under gloves.

Skin Cleansing Gel "Our Formula® 2 Cleansing Gel"

It is used to clean the skin of the hands of the face and body from weak and medium pollution such as dust, general industrial pollution, domestic pollution and others.

Paste for cleaning the skin from light, medium, strong and special impurities

«Our Formula 2»

It is used for cleaning hand, face and body from strong soiling, such as mineral oils, lubricants, graphite, metal dust, soot, oil products and others.

Cream Regenerating

 «Our Formula 3»

Promotes rapid recovery of  hands and face skin, exposed to industrial and climatic factors.

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